Mini Interviews - Booking Page

Gold Participants

As part of your gold package, you are entitled to record and publish mini-interviews.

This is an initiative that will be communicated both via social media and a dedicated page where all interviews will be listed and promoted through paid ads.

We are making two mini-interviews available per participating institution; one in Portuguese and one in Spanish. If your institution cannot organise native local language speakers for each interview, you will be able to record one interview in English (which will be published in English on both the Spanish and Portuguese platforms).

We have created the booking form below for each gold participant to schedule a 20-minute time slot to record each mini-interview.

One day before the scheduled recording time, you will receive an email with the link to the recording studio (please access via Google Chrome).

We encourage these interviews to be very easy-going and focused on what a student can experience by studying at your institution and in your destination.

Recordings will be produced in vertical format 9:16. We have put a time limit of 15 minutes, but we recommend between 7-10 minutes as the optimal duration due to the nature of the audience and the platform.

We recommend inviting alumni, a current student, or a staff member / representative to be interviewed.

We intend to record the interview in one take (but we can edit it later if needed).

We will provide you with some questions that will help us guide the conversation during the interview. Please share the following questions with the person you nominate (according to their profile) for the interview so they can prepare: 

Alumni or Current Student

Host presents the guests, the participating institution and welcomes everybody.

1. Quick Intro: Where you are from? What is your academic background? What studies did you undertake in Australia and for how long?

2. What motivated you to choose this Australian institution for your international education? Was your decision based on prices, academic recognition, location?

3. What was the most interesting aspect of studying in Australia? Work experience, lecturers, university resources? Did it fulfill your academic expectations?

4. Did you work during your studies? How did work contribute to your personal and professional objectives and skills?

5. How has your experience abroad impacted your professional career?

6. What are the key highlights of the city where you studied?

7. What advice would you give to other students planning to study in Australia?

Staff / Provider Representative

Host presents the guests, the participating institution and welcomes everybody.

1. What makes your institution unique compared to other Australian institutions?

2. What are the most recognised and/or well ranked courses at your institution?

3. What are the most important benefits international students receive on campus at your institution? Student support, social and academic activities?

4. What advice would you give to students planning to study in Australia?


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